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Dennis Ogden

My first novel, SECRETSINCITY (under my then pen name Deray Ogden) was written in a beach house dug into the side of a hill overlooking the high sand dunes of the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. The sounds and smells of ocean living pushed aside the intrusive influences of city life. The crashing waves, the early morning wake-up call of friendly birds and the fresh, sometimes too fresh, air helps to clear the mind for the massive amount of ideas that hover overhead to be harnessed, considered, filed for future use or just plain spat back out.

I now live on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia where I re-packaged SECRETSINCITY under a new title GOOSE HUNT.


Of course a story like Goose Hunt set in the Czech Republic – light years away geographically and historically from where I live – involved my second obsession, travel. The cultural adventures I've experienced with a degree of sensitivity and comprehension is something I hope reveals itself to my readers.


Being my first novel does not mean this is my first attempt at writing – in fact under different protocols, I've managed an original screenplay for a twenty-minute short feature, several magazine articles, short stories (published) and numerous travel narratives. All have been as challenging and demanding as a four-years-in-the-works novel.


SAVING SPADE is my second novel released in 2017.

SERUM: A disease-free world comes at a deadly cost published April 2020




“A stroll through life with eyes wide open.”




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