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Dennis Ogden

“A stroll through life with eyes wide open.”




Born 1945 Melbourne, Australia
Following a public education, I studied Printing & Graphic Art and apprenticed as a Lithographic printer and platemaker leaving me with the smell of ink on paper and paper cuts that are forever in my blood.
In 1966I sailed to England after my conscription marble to Viet Nam remained in the barrel.
Following a short stint working in a printing company in Norwich, I ended up managing bar in Earls Court – known then as ‘Kangaroo Valley’.
I travelled widely in Europe before returning to Australia via a stay in South Africa until Apartheid open my eyes to racial discrimination.
Always a dabbler, the Arts now became a serious ambition. I began painting, and despite selling most pieces, the medium did not fully satisfy.
In 1969 I joined an independent film workshop that produced short (20-minute) features.
Of the films produced, one was my original screenplay, THE FORGOTTEN SPIRIT. It had a cinema release in Melbourne and sold to US cable TV.
This lead to work on two major feature films and a TV series as a designer and crew member.
From 1975 to 2000, I ran my own graphic design studio that included book and film poster design.
During this period, I contributed articles to design magazines and travel sites.
From 1998 I began plotting my first novel. Two research trips to Prague resulted in     
SECRETSINCITY (2012), subsequently re-packaged as GOOSE HUNT (2017).
I followed up with my second self-published novel, SAVING SPADE (2017),
A visit to Timor Leste gave me the idea for my third novel, SERUM (2021).
Currently I’m in the process of working on my fourth novel (yet to be titled). A crime thriller linked to an 1840 incident in South Australia.
Since 2000 I have continued to work on a possible trilogy. Part biographical, part fiction with 60s London and the Viet Nam war as a backdrop – that is unless another plot and uninvited characters get in the way!

Which is the case with a new novel in the works.
I now live on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast where the sub-tropical climate wets and whets my imagination.




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