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Saving Spade

By Dennis Ogden

WWI has ended but the battle to save a horse has just begun

Aboriginal Trooper Lewis Dunbar of the Australian 2nd Light Horse Brigade should be elated. The war said to end all wars is finally over and he is being sent home after two years of battle in the Arabian deserts…but he’s not!

“The horses are staying!” came the order.

He cannot abandon Spade, the horse he reared, drove cattle on and faced death in many battles with. He will desert the army and ride off into the Sinai desert to find a new life together.
But his plan goes astray when A’isha, a mute Bedouin girl, steals Spade. With Lewis chasing on foot, so begins the perilous journey of two nomads from different continents into the unforgiving heat and sparseness of the desert and the battles against those who threaten them along the way.
The winds of the Sinai not only whip up Djinn spirits, good and evil, but awaken those that live inside the three.

A gripping tale that builds to a confrontation of all the hidden forces.

ISBN: 978-0-6480869-0-1  Softcover
          978-0-6480869-1-8  Ebook

186 pages

Publication date: May 2017

Published by Ogden Imprint

Age range: 15-18+ years

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