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Review February 2021

Highly recommend this book…loved it from start to finish!


4 stars

Kelley Kirby

Review on Goodreads August 27 2020

I really enjoyed this book! It was something different and a perfect pandemic read. The characters were easy to connect with and the story flowed keeping my attention. I look forward to reading more from this author.


3 stars

Jeannie  (review of earlier edition)

Review on Goodreads August 8 2020

This book involved new species and brilliant new serums. Noi is injected with one of these new serums, which has some surprising side affects. There are several characters that I really liked (Evelyn- Though it's a strange name for a guy.) Marcus, the brilliant scientist that is trying to help all of humanity, and the beautiful but tortured Noi. There are also several characters that bordered on hate, such as Aswar and Conrad. And even some characters that I didn't know how to feel about them, like the ruthless Harper who ends up having a change of heart. There is international travel, ruthless killers, a bit of romance, and some mystery. I enjoyed this story and am curious about what happens next. It does have some sensitive subjects (rape and child abuse) so I want to give a trigger warning here. While the story is interesting and the premise was a good one. I feel like it could have been edited better. I found at least 50 errors, and thus the 3 star rating.


Cathy V

Sep 9, 2020

Fantastic read


I could not put the book down! Can't wait for the sequel.


5 stars

Booksiren's review on Goodreads

Jun 27, 2020

An engrossing tale…


Ogden creates an intriguing ocean world in his engrossing latest SF novel.

Eighteen years after her abduction, broken and pregnant Noi de Jesus joins the marine biologist Professor Marcus Glasson, her father’s close friend, to Yeppoon, Queensland after a daring rescue operation organized by the brilliant professor and his allies. Trying to completely erase traces of her abductor’s DNA from her unborn child’s genes, Noi undergoes an experimental procedure and becomes the target of a group of powerful people.

Noi’s journey from an 8-year-old abducted child to a sex slave who’s constantly at the mercy of her abductor and a grown woman who is forced to carry weight of the world on her fragile shoulders is courageous.

An intriguing storyline, informative yet upbeat scientific jargon, and a unique, beautifully imagined setting make this smoothly paced tale a pleasantly enjoyable read.

Science fiction lovers looking for a lighthearted read will be pleased.


4 stars


Goodreads May 2020

A great story, fascinating setting, interesting premise

This is a ripping story set against a fascinating time and place following the painful birth of the nation of Timor-Leste. This is a history whose ongoing dilemmas and trauma can only be guessed at by those on the outside, but it comes starkly to life here. Multiple strands on themes of morality, family and loyalty, politics and the burden of  "otherness" are woven together into a tense, fast-moving tale with a totally unexpected finale. Highly recommended, and doubly relevant now when we are wondering about the race to find a vaccine for the current pandemic.