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The solo traveller

Most of my travels are done unaccompanied. Free to go where sudden urges compel me. Free not to visit places I don't want to and free to rise early in the day or end the day late. I have experienced many things that are not in travel brochures or itineraries. I've found myself invited to weddings and funerals just by watching the processions go by. But travelling alone has it's down times as well. * Wanting to go to the toilet at railway stations sometimes means struggling up or down steps to relieve myself while unable to relieve myself of the burden of luggage. * Finding the only vacant table in a cafe only to lose it when at the counter ordering. * Being a pillow to a stranger on a long flight rather than a chosen companion. * Not being in many, if any, photos to prove you were actually there. * Occasionally paying premium for a single (fare, ticket, room or ride). There are many more examples, but I invite you to share your experiences…good or bad.

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