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FREE2READ&LEAVE gives you a chance to read SECRETSINCITY for free. If you come across a copy on a train, at a station, airport or anywhere else with the sticker (right) on the front cover, it's yours. All I ask is that after you have read the book leave it somewhere out of the weather for someone else to read. Instructions on the inside back cover (far right) explain how to follow that particular book as it meanders between readers and from one destination to another.


Each copy will have its own number. If you login to this site by scanning the QR code, you can enter the date and location you found the book. After reading, come back to this page and rate/review the book and enter date and place you left it for someone else to read.


Come back anytime to see the book that you read could now be in the hands of someone in a far-off place or maybe just around the corner…and its journey to get there.


NOTE: If you wish to leave a review of SECRETSINCITY click here.





















Enter your details in the comment box below in this order:

Book No. / Date / Location / Left or found / Book rating 1 to 4 star

Alternately go to contact page and send email.


If you have a photo of the book where found or left, email it to and it will be included in the data panel.


Data panel will show the movement of each book as details come in













#1 Campari




#2 LA International Airport